Monday, October 24, 2005

1916 Parade

I am delighted to see that Bertie Ahern and the Irish Government have reinstated the Easter Parade by the army down O'Connell Street to commemorate 1916. For too long we have left a fringe element hijack our history and frighten the rest of us away.

Sinn Feins recent parade down O'Connell Street showed just how brazen they have become. It is about time someone stood up to them and said this is our country and our history and not their personal property. We have just as much right, and in some cases more of a right, to celebrate history of the Republic of Ireland as they do. We wont let them frighten us away anymore. We wont let their actions make us ashamed of where we came from. We are Irish and we are proud to be Irish.

Hopefully now the Irish people can start to take pride in the men and women who died to win the freedom they enjoy.

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