Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Blog link. I've got a blog link :-)

One of the weird thing about blogging is how easy it is to become obsessed with who is coming to your blog and how they find you. A few of my friends know that this is my blog but in general I don't advertise it. I find it very interesting to see the searches that bring people to my blog or the links they followed, one reference popped up a couple of times. http://molin.blogspot.com/. She has my blog down as one of her favorites :-)

Hi "Hurley"!

She is an American who lives in Sweden. She has two blogs, a personal one and a movie one and posts more than me. ;-)

On the movie blog she writes good short reviews of movies she has seen. Strange as this may seem to say, but she also has good taste in women. (You have to read her blog to see...)

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