Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Hotmails new Interface

Looks like Hotmail is changing their interface. I might sign up for the test out of curiosity. I liked the old Hotmail because it was simple, easy, and fast to load. The new one looks a bit more complicated, like a real email client instead of a web-based one. I hope Microsoft don't screw this up and slow it down, though the developers do claim it will be faster. Interestingly they seem to be calling it Microsoft Mail Beta instead of Hotmail Beta...

Update: Someone has already answered many of the questions I had about the new Hotmail.

Update: I've signed up for the Beta with one of my lesser used email accounts. I now have to wait for an invite to join the Beta. If I get accepted and the changes look good and work I'll sign up with my main Hotmail account.


Johnny K said...

Dec, that's a nice biased I love Microsoft review. They must be sponsored by the great Redmond. Yahoo have a new web based client coming out too, and Zimbra too have a very cool web client. It's not new either, Oddpost have been around for a few years, and it was this expertise Yahoo purchased. Check out this screenshot of Oddpost's UI and take note it is from two or three years ago: http://www.oddpost.com/img/readingMail.gif

Declan said...

Yeah, but when was the last time Microsoft "innovated"? :-)