Thursday, October 06, 2005

Conservative Leader

The Conservative Party in England is finally electing a new leader. One of my first blog entries was about the resignation of Michael Howard 6 months ago and they have taken their time just figuring out how to elect his successors.

After 8 years in the doldrums the conservatives finally have a leadership candidate who seems like someone who could lead them to victory in an election and be the "new Tony Blair". David Cameron is a young MP with 5 years experience, but he has star quality. Either he is a political genius or someone with loads of experience is behind the scenes handling his campaign. He comes across as friendly, open, trustworthy, basically he seems like Tony Blairs younger hipper cooler brother. People have asked if he has the experience and gravitas needed to lead the conservative party. I think if there is one thing the conservatives have too much of it is experience and gravitas. They desperately need a new image. Maybe British politics is about to get interesting.

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