Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Naming computers after muppets

The company I work for has a ever changing set of software test machines. As new machines come online they naturally have to be given a name. The naming convention for test machines in here is to name them after characters from The Muppets.

For anyone out there with a similarly insane strategy, they may be familiar with the argument that generally starts something like "What was the rats name in the muppets? Ratto? Robbo?...".

The solution to this is

All the muppet names you could ever need. I know some friends of mine who will like this site, just for the fact that its related to the muppets (yes, they are female :-) ).

p.s. Our IT manager is currently printing out the pictures on stickers so no one can confuse the machines ever again. I work in a madhouse.....


Johnny K said...

Bah humbug, you obviously need a drink.

Declan said...

:-) Who says I'm not? Have you tasted the "water" in the water bottle on my desk... ?