Friday, May 13, 2005

Galloway Vs The Committee

I see George Galloway has agreed to testify before the United States Senate committee to answer accusations that he received bribes from Saddam Hussein. I wonder what he was thinking when he agreed to that.

Obviously he knows that he isnt going to walk out of the room with an apology from the committee and the adoration of the American political establishment. Leaving aside the issue of his guilt or innocence, politically the committee isnt about to accuse a man of being a friend of Saddam one week and apologise the next, it doesnt make for good sound bites. They are more likely to try to brand him as a suporter of an evil dictatorship who has betrayed western civilisation or something.

Now George is a bit of a firebrand, one only had to see his interview with Jeremy Paxman on the night of the British Election to realise that. After a couple of tough questions from the committee members Mr Galloway is likely to tell them exactly what he thinks of them, America, and the war in Iraq, and do so in rather undiplomatic language. One must conclude that this is exactly what Mr Galloway wants, international coverage of him telling the committee where they can stick their questions and their war. His target voters will love it.

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