Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Taxi fares going up, again.

Taxi fares around the country are going up again this September. The new fare structure will apply to the whole country, not just Dublin. While the basic charges have gone up, the fare system itself seems to have been made much more complicated with the charges increasing based on the distance travelled. This increased complication naturally does not work in favor of the passenger.

They have also doubled the cost of an additional passenger and added a third on to the price of a booking. But in a really underhanded move they have moved the premium time rate from 10pm to 8pm, thereby catching more people going out for the night.

Public transport in Ireland is such a joke and a complete rip-off. It is no wonder the roads are clogged with private cars. This increase will also do little to lessen the scourge of drink driving in this country as people will avoid taking a taxi home.

Here is what the taxi rates in Dublin currently are:

Initial Charge
  • Day time 8am to 10pm €3.40
  • Night time 10pm to 8am €3.70

Distance charge
  • Day time 8am to 10pm €0.90 per Km
  • Night time 10pm to 8am €1.20 per Km

Extra charges
  • Booking fee of €1.50
  • Additional passengers €0.50
  • Soiling charge €75.

Here is what the fares will be from September 25th. I've highlighted what I see as the increases. If I'm wrong I'm sure some taxi driver will be able to correct me.

Initial Charge
  • Day time 8am to 8pm €3.80 +40c
  • Night time 8pm to 8am +2Hr €4.10 +40c

Distance charge
  • Day time 8am to 8pm
    • €0.95 per Km +5c
    • €1.25 after 14 Km +35c
    • €1.63 after 30 Km +73c
  • Night time 8pm to 8am +2Hr
    • €1.25 per Km +5c
    • €1.45 after 14 Km +25c
    • €1.63 after 30 Km +43c

Extra charges
  • Booking fee of €2 +50c
  • Additional passenger €1 +50c
  • Soiling charge €125 +€50
[Via BreakingNews.ie]


Johnny K said...

It's ridiculous that they are putting the prices up again. I wish Micheal O'Leary would start a taxi company and sort this shit out!

paul said...

Taxi are a secondary form of transport so you can use the bus if you do not like the fact that Drivers have to make a living, Buses are the primary source of transport!!! I bet you don't quibble when you are having your favourite drink in your favourite watering hole try to impress your friends

paul said...

hilst the increases are marginal ,the real reduction is when the care is stopped in traffic and the speed has been increased from 7mph to 15 mph so the consumer wins as it means that the earning on the time part of the meter is 16euros an hour

Declan said...

I agree taxis SHOULD be a secondary form of transport, but in Dublin with its unreliable public transport especially late at night taxis play a far more important role for some people than they would in other cities.

In fairness to and defense of taxi drivers I did hear last night about the taxi drivers other parts of the country who are actually facing a drop in rates so that is particularly tough for them. Dublin drivers probably have access to more work it does seem unfair to apply the same rates across the whole country.

I have no problem with taxi drivers making a living, however as a PAYE worker if the company I work for stops making money then I will be out of a job.

paul said...


the comment was not meant at you about O'leary.. I agree that the drivers in the country have a tough road ahead but I do think that Deering is only implementing policy so as big business can come in and take over the industry