Tuesday, March 14, 2006

King Tuts empty neighbour

Last month I posted about the discovery of a new tomb in Egypt's Valley of the the Kings right beside the tomb of King Tutankhamun. I did express a hope that the tomb may contain the remains of Tutankhamuns father Akhenaten and Akhenatens main wife Nefertiti. The odds were very slim but given the fact that Akhenaten was hated by some in ancient Egypt it could have been a good place to place the bodies to keep them safe.

However it now turns out that the tomb contained.... no one. It wasn't a tomb at all but a mummification room.

Egypt's acrchaeology chief Zahi Hawass admitted: "This is not a tomb for nobles or relatives of a king, as had been thought upon its discovery, but rather it is a room for mummification."

That's a shame, I guess there really may be little of major importance left to be found in the Valley.

[Via The Register]

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