Monday, March 06, 2006

Bewleys and Fairtrade

A few months ago I posted a few times about the Starbucks Challenge and did the challenge in a few shops in Dublin and London. The basic idea behind the Challenge is to make sure Starbucks hold to their promise to provide Fairtrade coffee in their shops. So far the three stores in Dublin have Fairtrade coffee with the main store on College Green and the new one on Harcourt Street both advertising Fairtrade Estima coffee. (I saw the signs when I called into the new Starbucks on the way home last night to get a latte and read the paper, though I didn't ask the baristas about Fair Trade)

Anyway, while Starbucks in Dublin have Fairtrade coffee on brew they haven't had it in their espresso machines anytime I've called in. The vast majority of coffee served in their Dublin stores is likely to be from the espresso machine and so it will not be proper Fair Trade.

Now another coffee shop deserves a mention for their progressive stance on Fairtrade coffee. Bewley's on Grafton Street has announced that they are going to switch to serving only Fairtrade-certified coffee from tomorrow. This is a lot better than what Starbucks are currently doing since everyone will get Fairtrade coffee, not just those who ask for it.

Bewley's Grafton St cafe is to switch to serving only Fairtrade-certified coffee from tomorrow.

Marking the occasion, which is timed to coincide with Fairtrade Fortnight, passers-by will be presented tomorrow with free Fairtrade coffee by Bewley's.

Hopefully the other coffee shops in Dublin will follow their example. I haven't been into Bewley's in years but I walk past it most weekends. The Grafton Street store has gone through a tough time lately and actually closed down for a while but has now reopened. Next time I'm in town and looking for a cup of coffee I will call into them and try out their Fairtrade coffee. It's the least I can do.



click here said...

It's great to hear that Bewley's are taking this line; I was afraid when I first heard of their decision, that it'd be along the lines of the Starbucks 'approach'.

As far as I'm aware (though you probably know this already), Fair Trade coffee is also available from Busy Feet & Coco café on South William Street and (of course) Amnesty International's Freedom Café on Fleet Street.

Kudos on all the coffee info!

Johnny K said...

Glad to see you're keeping up with fairtrade issues even though I've left! l suspect it's your love of coffee that's driving you :)

Declan said...

Yeah I figured someone should step up to the plate and save the planet in your absence :-)

Aidan Lawlor said...

Hi Dec,
Great post. I was wondering do you have a list of all the coffee shops that serve fair trade in Dublin or know where I would get one? Cheers

Declan said...

Hi Aidan,
Sorry was away from this blog for way too long :-) Also sorry I dont have a list. Maybe would have a list.