Saturday, March 18, 2006

Dial-up, why am I still using bloody Dial-up

4 days after receiving my broadband modem from BT I am still using dial-up (with Eircom). After waiting 3 days for a username and password I rang BT sales this morning and it turns out they had not issued me a username or password at all. Duh. Anyway the girl was very helpful and created the username and password while I was on the phone. Perfect, or so I thought. I had to rush out so I couldn't test it straight away, and anyway she said something about it being active in an hour or so. Some 7 hours later I still cant login and their staff seem to have gone home. DAMN.

So close and yet so far, now I have to wait until Monday for their support staff to come back online. Frustrating, though at the moment I am being generous and blaming St Patricks weekend and the fact that no work will actually be done in Ireland for the 3 days. Fingers crossed for Monday.

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