Wednesday, March 22, 2006

NTL Digital and Channel 6

The new Irish channel Channel 6 now has a place holder on NTL Digital. Tonight when I turned on the TV I noticed some of the channels had been rearranged, Sky One used to be 111 and now that is Channel 4.

The reason for this change was 3 channels that have been inserted at the top of the channel list. 105 is now Setanta Sports, 106 is Channel 6 and 107 is City Channel. I guess we now know why Channel 6 is Channel 6, Setanta was channel 5.

Setanta seems good but I don't watch it a lot, maybe its new position will help. City Channel however is a Dublin TV channel and to be honest its shite. ITV 3 is now gone off NTL Digital, but I don't know if I ever watched it.

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