Thursday, March 30, 2006

Channel 6 Launches tonight

The new Irish TV station Channel 6 launches tonight at 8pm. Should be worth watching the start just to see what happens. The good thing about the station is that they seem to be starting alot of shows from their pilot episodes so if you are a fan of one of the following it might be worth your while watching.
US Office
Dawson's Creek
Buffy The Vampire Slayer
Everybody Loves Raymond
Law & Order
Star Trek - The Next Generation
7th Heaven
Dharma & Greg
That 70's Show
The Closer
Northern ExposureJ.A.G. (Season 3)
Law & Order (Season 5)

I'm not, so other than a couple of movies and maybe House there's not much there to catch my attention.

However if you are a fan of The 70's Show follow this link [via Johnny K] to see what, or should I say who, Wilmar Valderrama (better known as Fez from That 70Â’s Show) rated in bed while talking to Howard Stern. Lucky Bas***d.

Update: I did watch the "opening" of the Channel 6. It was just a continuity announcer standing in front of a picture of a city skyline (not Dublin). She explained that the station would have no news and that "the forecast for the weather" wasn’t good either. Then it was straight into normal programming. Yawn, you would think they could have done something like introduce all Irish presenters and give a longer explanation of the station. I guess a reported budget of 14 million doesn’t get you much in the way of sets. Anyway I watched the pilot of House and that did seem mildly interesting, though I won’t rush home to watch it.

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