Friday, March 23, 2007

Too many accidents

The office I work in has a little car park out in front of it. This car park is narrow, crowded and the entrance opens onto a busy road with a bus lane. It seems as if every week there are accidents in and around this car park. Sometimes they involve cars pulling out of the car park, not getting up to speed and having another car bang into the back of them. Some times it is as simple as someone trying to manoeuvre into or out of a parking space and hitting cars parked at the other side of the car park. Sometimes it is more serious with cars pulling out into the bus lane and knocking unseen motorcyclists off their bikes.

Today was a prime example. Looking out the window I saw two cars blocking the entrance. It appeared one had been reversing out of a space and perhaps all the way into the bus lane when another cat must have swung into the car park and collided with them. No damage was visible on either car but the Gardai were called. Meanwhile a taxi was waiting in the car park for the entrance to be unblocked when an SUV reversed out of a spot and straight into the back of the taxi and right in front of the Garda who just continued taking notes for the first accident.

The strange thing is this is perfectly normal for this car park. It's obvious something needs to be done with it. Personally I'd take out the four spaces on the outside and widen the entrance, but in 5 years the council has done nothing beyond picking up pieces of cars and mopping up the odd petrol spill. I wonder how much money they make from those 4 pay and display spaces.

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