Friday, March 30, 2007

TK Maxx credit card hotline

TK Maxx is once again in the news for a story about credit card numbers being stolen by hackers. This was on the internet back in January but the full details only came out today.

I guess these things happen and the fact that they were robbed wouldn't stop me shopping at their store, after all you wouldn't move your bank account just because the bank got robbed. Granted they should have had better security on their computer systems and will probably have learned their lessons by now so their systems will probably be the most secure on the high street.

However what may well stop me from shopping there ever again is the fact that their hotline for their Irish customers is an English toll free number, Irish customers would have to pay international rates to call it.
TK Maxx has eight stores in Ireland and the retail chain has advised Irish customers who are worried about possible theft of their credit or debit card details to call a special hotline on 00 44 800 779015.

Bad show TK Maxx, last thing you need to do right now is cost your customers more money. Perhaps you should just get a 1550 number and screw your Irish customers completely?

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