Friday, March 02, 2007

Sinn Fein Embracing Policing?

Last Wednesday there was a piece in the Irish Independent criticising Sinn Fein MEP Mary Lou McDonald. One of the topics raised was a Green Party claim that her attendance in the European Parliament was poor because she was always in Ireland following Gerry Adams around.
She said she stood over her record - but pointed out that as Chair of Sinn Fein, she also had duties in Ireland, not least involving the peace process. She also rejected the suggestion that she was constantly seen 'doughnutting' Gerry Adams to the detriment of her European role. "I am not a doughnut," she said.

I thought doughnutting was spinning round in circles in a car, a pass time of boy racers so I wasn't sure how it applied to Mary Lou I decided to google it. The usage of the word in this case would seem to be
The surrounding of a speaker in parliament by members of the same party, to give the impression on television of a packed House.

Further down the page was another result that I thought was funny in the context of Sinn Feins recent decision to support policing in Northern Ireland.
Doughnutting: Sexual intercourse between two male police officers

Did anyone think that when Sinn Fein said they were now fully behind policing?

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