Friday, March 16, 2007

Playstation 3 in Dundrum

I got to play on a Playstation 3 today. There are two demo consoles up in Dundrum, one in Virgin and one in Game. I was playing Motorstorm. Graphics are very good and smooth but there was no sound and no rumble in the controllers making it feel a little flat and not a really true show case of the PS3. Rumble wont be in any controllers until later this year since there was a patent infringement case blocking Sony from using the rumble technology which was solved last week.

The game seemed a bit difficult for most people with the car blowing up randomly and spending most of its time flying off cliffs and it got boring after a couple of laps. It felt a bit like Star Wars Pod Racer without the Pods. The console itself looks cool, a very stylish looking box that girlfriends probably wont keep trying to hide behind the TV.

I still doubt I'll buy one any time soon, too expensive and I don't like buying the early versions of things like that. I'd rather let other people find all the bugs and problems :-)

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interested said...

one word....Nerd!