Monday, March 12, 2007

Grrr, MP3 player

While I was in Australia I bought a Toshiba Gigabeat S30 to use as both an MP3 player and a backup for my photographs. In fact the pictbridge functionality straight out of the box was the reason I bought the Gigabeat instead of getting an iPod and then having to buy a bunch of extra cables.

So far the Gigabeat has worked well though these days I use it as my MP3/Radio since all my photographs are safely backed up elsewhere. Good thing to, as I found out this morning when I plugged the player into my computer and was greeted with a "Removing Media Items" message and a big number 4 on the screen of the player. I assumed it was simply removing old podcasts that I had removed from Windows Media Player but when I looked at the player all my media was gone. Turns out that is not such an uncommon problem and others have seen it.

Fortunately all my music was on my computer so I just synched again but I have to ask what bloody good is an MP3 player that can store photographs directly from a camera if when you connect the player to a computer to restore your photographs there is a chance it will just wipe all the files on the drive. Basically this now means that I cannot use the player as a backup for my photographs. Sure it works well as an MP3 and video player and I can store photos but I just cant rely on it as any form of backup. Even if it fails just 1 time out of 20 (I don't connect the player to my computer very often) then how could I ever risk storing photographs on it while on holidays? Grrr.

Update: Mar 30th: Damn, it happened again. I wanted to sync podcasts onto the MP3 player for a weekend down the country away from broadband and the unit wiped itself again. That was only the second time I'd plugged it into the computer in the last 2 weeks.


Lt. Colonel Creedon said...

Hey Dec! I found your little moo-card thingy and came here. Nice place you got here, no dust. Rather than just barging in here haphazardly I actually read what you wrote about your MP3 device.
I've never had second thoughts about owning an iPod and it has always worked well even after this incident. I've since upgraded to a video one but that iPod is still working flawlessly today.
I belive the true solution to your Photo woes while on holiday is to get a high capacity memory stick or find an Internet Cafe where you can upload your pics to the internet or onto a memory stick as you check your mail- and I know you're the type of lad who checks his E-mail while on holiday- or is that just me? I'll admit I've been drinking now...

Anonymous said...

Yes, I know the feeling myself. I live in Aus, and I bought one of these little suckers to do exactly what you did.
Now, its not started up, and I've got the #4 "Removing Media items. Please Wait".... Not happy Jan... I just don't know how long to wait now...