Monday, March 26, 2007

Someone should be fired

It is hard to believe the state this countries health system is in and still some muppets persist in stopping a new maternity hospital in Cork from opening. Now the HSE is threatening to not open the hospital this year. This is so messed up I cant help but wonder how long it will be until someone tries to sell the building to property developers to build apartments?

I don't know if it's management penny pinching or if its the trade unions trying to milk the system for more money. I don't particularly care. The labor court should look into the problem as an independent adjudicator and whom ever is found to be in the wrong should be fired and never allowed to work on publicly funded projects again. That would send a signal that this kind of messing cant be tolerated anymore if we are to stop Ireland from sinking further into a mire of unionized bureaucratic hell holes.

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