Thursday, January 26, 2006

What is the opposite of Not?

Are you interested in the English language and the origin of words? Every Monday Professor Terry Dolan is on the Monfrief radio show on Newstalk 106.

Our language: Prof of Hiberno English in UCD, Terry Dolan takes every day words in the English language and traces their origins and meanings every Monday at 2.40.

Better still, for those of you who dont live in Dublin, the segment is available as a podcast, just search for Newstalk 106 in ITunes.

In case your wondering about the title of this post, what is the opposite of Not? The answer is "Thing" not "Is" as is commonly believed. Not literally means NO Thing. You can hear the complete explanation on the show "Terry Dolan on the language of the Ghetto" from 14th November.

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