Saturday, January 28, 2006

I do not work for Starbucks

I received an email from someone who seemed to believe that I was working for Starbucks. I guess this idea came from some postings I did about the Starbucks Challenge a couple of months ago. The Starbucks Challenge is actually a campaign to get Starbucks to improve their policy on Fair Trade coffee and to live up to their promises. I don't even drink much Starbucks coffee, preferring these days to drink in Coffee Society or the like where I can get a comfortable seat and read my paper away from a crowd. I guess my review of the two stores in Dublin was positive so the person thought I must work in their PR department or something. I am a software engineer working for a small computer company, hence my interest in coffee.

Ironically I was going to head off and try the round 3.5 of the Challenge today (yeah I'm very very late on that) but I think I'll refrain from it for a while.

So if you need to contact Starbucks please don't email me, I can do nothing to help you except to point you at their website


Siel said...

Wow -- I'm not sure why this hasn't happened for me yet. Prolly cuz I just haven't had as many successes as you've had?

How's life in Dublin, post-Starbucks-invasion?

Declan said...

Things are fine, the world is returning to its original orbit as people figure out that Starbucks actually sells coffee and not some elixer of American life. Sure there are still queues but they are shorter and most of us just wander back to our old coffee haunts.

A third starbucks is opening or has opened in an office district of Dublin, I went past it on a tram. Not a whisper about it in the media though. I guess one day I'll wake up and find there are a dozen Starbucks just in my little suburb. Though to be honest I'd settle for any coffee shop close to work this morning :-)