Thursday, January 26, 2006

George Galloway is out of the House

A couple of weeks ago I posted about the fact that the British MP George Galloway had gone into the Celebrity Big Brother house. I haven't actually watched the show but every couple of days there was a news story about something Galloway did either in the house or in real life. Basically with him locked away it was open season in the media.

Well he has been evicted now but the media don't seem to be giving up. Watching the BBC News 24 presenters discuss the early editions of tomorrows papers it looks like the troubles for George are just starting. I'll have to buy some tabloids tomorrow, or search around on the web to see if they provide online versions.

George is out of one house, now he faces a fight to stay in the other.

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James I McAnespy said...

yeh, Galloway's career took a nose dive as soon as he entered the house. I could see that coming in my blog (, but I didn't expect him to make such a spectacle of himself.
It was a shame, he could have been so much more.