Friday, January 27, 2006


Don't forget, tonight the EuroMillions jackpot is a cool 150 million euros. Normally I don't do the lottery, it is after all a tax on stupidity, but this time I think I'll do a quick pick.

It is amazing how people assume they are going to win when they play the lottery. Somewhere deep down inside a little part of us believes that we will win, I think its the part of us that cant do math. Anyway a portion of this morning's coffee break was spent discussing how to keep a big win secret, after all the moment people find out you will be swamped with begging letters and kidnap threats. It is more difficult than you would imagine.

For starters what do you do with the ticket on a Friday night? Where would you put 150 million for safe keeping until Monday? Remember if you call the bank manager he will know and once he knows, his family and staff know so everyone will know by Sunday. Then how do you avoid someone in the Lottery office leaking your ID? Next you have to find a bank that will take the money and not tell people, see above. Then you have to find a discrete way to spend the money.

Oh to have those problems.

Update: As expected, but not hoped, I didnt win the Lottery. A group of 13 of us put in 2 Euros each. We managed to win a staggering 9 euros.

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