Thursday, January 26, 2006

Brian O'Driscoll

I heard Brian O'Driscoll on the radio this evening being interviewed about Leinster in the quater-finals of the Heineken Cup and Ireland in the upcoming Six Nations competition. Maybe I missed something but he didn't sound too concerned about the results or too optimistic for the season, he just explained in both cases that we've nothing to loose since Leinster are playing in Toulouse and Ireland aren't even second favorites for the Six Nations.

I would have liked a little more fire from the captain of the team. You know talk about going out there to prove the critics wrong, show that both teams are seriously underestimated, and win something for the loyal fans. He just sounded down and like he'd already written off the season. If the captain doesn't care will the rest of the team? If Brian really thinks he has nothing to loose then I suppose he should consider that which seems to closest to his heart these days, product endorsement and book deals. After all if he isn't able to maintain his profile in sport then he may find the advertising agencies stop calling.

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