Friday, January 27, 2006 trouble?

I use to host and manage this blog. It appears to be having trouble tonight. I wrote a post at 8:30pm and just after I published it Blogger seemed to go down. I was unable to log in or check any blogger hosted site until 12:30am. However it does appear to have come back for a while around 10pm because my earlier post was added to Irish Blogs and Bloglines at that time.

Update: Yup there was an unscheduled outage last night, they say it was only 15 minutes but I'm sure it was longer. It's all back now. You can check the status of blogger at (Ironically hosted on blogger so when blogger goes down its status site goes down as well :-) )


Marie said...

They had posted something earlier about a programmed shutdown at some time quoted as 10pm PST but as I can't be bothered converting it to my own timezone, I hadn't a clue when that was.

Declan said...

Yeah, they did mention they would be down for 15 minutes, but it was alot longer, or they must have had multiple down times.

It was no big problem but I just wanted to post something so anyone who reads the blog through bloglines or google would know why it was down if they tried to access the page.