Tuesday, January 31, 2006

06 Reg Car

This morning, January 31st, while walking to work I saw my first 06 registered car, a Nissan Micra. What makes this strange is that I work in Dublin 4, one of the most affluent areas of Dublin and normally the place is thick with shiny new cars and SUVs by the second week of the new year. In fact I've normally nearly been knocked down by some asshole in a brand new BMW or Mercedes by this time of year.

Have I been less observant this year or are car sales possibly down?

Update: Hey, what the hell do I know? It turns out that a record number of new cars were sold this year.
SIMI says that a total of 43,106 new car registrations were recorded last month. It says this beat the previous best month of January 2000 when 42,064 new cars were sold. It also represents a 12.5% increase on January 2005 when a total of 38,329 new cars were registered.

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Adrian Smith said...

I spotted 4 or 5 on my way in this morning (Harolds Cross, Grand Canal direction). Does seem to be a little slower that recent years though. Everyone waiting for their SSIAs to come in I suppose.