Sunday, September 04, 2005

Shakespeare in the Park

I went to see Shakespeare in the Park in St Stephens Green yesterday. Its been running every summer for several years and this year they are putting on The Comedy of Errors. Its all outdoors in the Yeats Memorial which is surprisingly well suited to staging a play.

The play has been altered to move it into The Wild West, and the roles of the sexes have been reversed, which adds a to the comedy. The actors put in a alot of energy and the audience responds well. I had not seen the play staged before but I thought it was very enjoyable and fun. The outdoor atmosphere adding alot.

Its been on for a week and I think today (Sunday) is the last day, so its probably too late to recommend it, but if you have the chance and are looking for something to pass a couple of hours you could do worse than go to the Yeats Memorial in the Green at 5:30pm this afternoon.

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