Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Movies in Dundrum

Ok this post is of no interest to anyone who doesn't live near Dundrum in Dublin, but for anyone who does the new Dundrum Town Center/Shopping Center web site says the new multiplex there will open this Friday September 30th. Cool, a nice new cinema 5 minutes away from me, I haven't been to the cinema in Dublin in ages.

Update: I found a website It seems to be a work in progress so I dont know if they want anyone looking at it yet :-). Cinema Info gives a page not found error, some links are not active, online booking is "Coming soon", but it does seem to be the authentic site for the new cinema and it lists the movies and times. What more can you want for a cinema website? It also seems to be part of the Ormonde Cinemas group. They run the cinema in Stillorgan.

Update 2: I dont know if the cinema opened yesterday, but today (Saturday) they were closed "due to technical reasons" and hoped to reopen in a few days, though one member of staff did say they were going to reopen tomorrow at 1pm.

Update 3: The cinema is open :-)

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