Monday, September 05, 2005

Donnie Cassidy announces there is no Rip Off in Ireland

Donnie Cassidy was on the radio yesterday evening telling an interviewer that there is no such thing as Rip Off Ireland. He basically accused the RTE interviewer of bias and of only wanting to advertise Eddie Hobbs' program, Rip off Republic. He said that only the media believe in and talk about Rip Off Ireland. He then said he was on holidays in Ireland and it was great value. He said that a he was surprised that a show with the title Rip off Republic got by Cathal Goan the director of RTE who are normally very good. The program is available on the RTE website, it was the 6th Sept around minute 26.

That man must be nuts and totally out of touch with the common people. Only the media believe in Rip Off Ireland? If he walked down any street in any town in Ireland he would be hard pressed to find a random person who did not believe that consumers were being ripped off at every turn.

Does he believe that RTE, the national public broadcaster, funded by taxpayers money should tow the government line and never criticise it? Should RTE clear every program and news story with the government press office?

Perhaps he has spent too much time in the sheltered environs of Leinster House and should now retire from public life. Someone who knows what life is like outside the Dail should be given a chance to serve the public. At the very least Bertie should find a deep dark hole in the ground and stick Donnie into it where he can do no more damage to the government with his media interviews.

(I'll post my comments on last nights Rip Off Republic later)

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