Monday, September 26, 2005

IRA Decommissioning Press Conference

The Canadian General John de Chastelain and the other members of the Decommissioning Body have just finished a press conference where they announced (as expected) that the Provisional IRA have decommissioned their weapons.

Some journalists questions were a little skeptical, this is where the politicians step in and try to convince the Unionists that the weapons are gone.

I guess I'm skeptical too. Not so much about the Provisional IRAs decommissioning, I think we all know that there are bound to be some weapons left hidden away that even the IRAs Army Council couldn't get their hands on, but the vast majority of weapons will be gone. Some IRA members may engage in criminality, but the organisations ability to stage a military campaign will be gone.

The problem I have with Sinn Fein and the IRA is the paramilitary display in Dublin last Saturday. I think it was a mistake on Sinn Feins part. Someone should have realised that paramilitary uniforms on the streets of Dublin would worry people. You can take the gun out of Irish politics, but you still need to take the gun out of some Irish minds. I want to trust Sinn Fein, everyone is entitled to their say, but it will take time before I can see them in government in the South.

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