Monday, September 05, 2005

Rick O'Shea Update

Rick posted an update on the demise of his and Ruth Scotts breakfast show. Its very interesting to hear things from an RTE celebrities point of view. Sometimes we the general public think they have it easy in RTE but it can be a cruel life.

It's never easy in any job to be told you're being demoted, to be told and then to have your ugly mug in every national paper this week (3 nights in a row in the Herald!) telling the nation you're being demoted certainly tests you a little more. It would also sting a little less if I didn't genuinely care about and have a passion for the show I was presenting.

Fair play to Rick for blogging about this. Many people, myself included, don't blog so openly and certainly not about things that cause us pain.

Also he posted a link to the entry on my blog. Wow people who I dont know personally are actually reading my blog. :-) Thank you Rick, and dont let the bastards get you down.

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