Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Pride comes before a Fall

Looks like the new Apple IPod Nano may have a few problems. Apparently its case is too easy to scratch, its screen is too easy to crack and in some cases it just stops working. A website has been set up where people are posting complaints:

I have a 4 gb white nano. it is less than a week old. The LCD is failing. The colors are blurry. The Apple store told me it was user damage. I spent one hour on the phone with apple care. I am sending it in but am not guaranteed that it will be fixed. I feel it is defective. It was not sat on as apple care said it must have been to have the screen fail.

For the last few years Apple could do no wrong with their IPod range. They are by far the best looking MP3 Players on the market (with the possible exception of the IPod Shuffle which I hate). However in my opinion they were lacking in functionality when compared to other brands which have built in radios, video and audio recording. Personally I own an IRiver H120. The IPods were always saved by being a fashion icon. Apple could do no wrong so long as they maintained the IPod style.

Unfortunately for Apple the new Nano is getting a lot of bad press (they were even mentioned on RTE Radio One this morning). Will this be the start of a public awakening? Hopefully white headphones are no longer enough. If Apple sorted out the problems with the Nano, made sure future IPods have a high level of quality, and stuck a radio in them I'd probably buy one.

Update: Apple have admitted there is a problem with the Nano screens
and they will replace the damaged ones. One journalist on tv said the problem occurs in 1 in 1000 Nanos. However they say that the Nanos are no more succeptable to scratches than other Ipods, so I guess no luck for anyone hoping to get a scratched Nano replaced.

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Johnny K said...

The iPod is the digital music market. Expect Apple to continue to dominate this market, because they have the best design and marketing out there.

(I will use MP3 to refer to encoded music formats from here on.)

MP3 was a geeks game, programmers, web developers and the like. Apple should take all the credit for bringing MP3 to the rest of the world. How many women are going to buy an iRiver? Sweet FA. Why because it's too big and looks terrible. How many will buy a Mini/Nano? Lots, because it's small, fashionable, and combined with iTunes and it's iTMS it's a cinch for them to get up and running. They don't really care about the technical specs, except how many songs it can hold, and that is exactly what Apple target.

Other vendors need to get the design and their user story sorted before they can combat what Apple have created.