Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Free Online Guardian Newspaper

The Guardian has changed its format, instead of being broadsheet, it is now "berliner", which is like a cross between broadsheet and metro/compact/tabloid. I'm not too sure about the new format as I actually much perfer the compact versions of papers like The Irish Independent and The Times, but the berliner version is alot easier to handle than the broadsheet version

Anyway the point of this post it to tell people that as part of the relaunch the Guardians digital version is available for free until September 26th. You can view each page of each section of the paper as it looks in the printed version. On some pages there are links to certain stories. You can click on a PDF link and download the whole page in readable size which can then be saved from Adobe Reader to be read off line. Handy. Many of us just read certain sections of a paper or just read headlines that grab our attention, so just save those pages onto disk and read them later. As online versions of newspapers go this one is quite fancy.

Always on the look out for free stuff :-)

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