Thursday, October 18, 2007

Star Trek Cast?

Looks like the main cast for the new Star Trek movie is complete. I know alot of fans will want them to stay true to the original 1960s image but I hope they update the look and feel. Still expect to see photoshopped images of the new casts faces pasted onto 1960s Star Trek cast shots. :-)


Zachary Quinto
Mr. Spock
Leonard Nimoy
older Mr. Spock
Chris Pine
James T Kirk
Eric Bana
Nero (villain)
Karl Urban
Dr. Leonard ‘Bones’ McCoy
Simon Pegg
Montgomery ‘Scotty’ Scott
John Cho
Hikaru Sulu
Anton Yelchin
Pavel Chekov
Zoe Saldana


Ceiridwen said...

Simon Pegg as Scotty?!?

Dt Media Ireland said...

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The documentary will be broadcast on Newstalk 106 FM in late 2008, to coincide with the new Star Trek Movie.

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