Friday, October 26, 2007

Off to Newfoundland, again

I'm off to Newfoundland again in the morning. I was there in August but my girlfriend is over there for a few months so when I got the opportunity to go over again next week I took it. I promise that this time I'll actually complete my blog post about the St John's and Terra Nova.

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Bruce Russell said...

So how long before it becomes known as 'Oldfoundland"?

Seeing your banner makes me wax nostalgic for the semester I spent at Trinity as a law student, and especially for the night when (I'm told, and the pictures seem to bear this out), while stumbling back from a night of drinking with the group, I started stripping on one of the Liffey bridges with the shouted intent of taking a dive and a late night swim. Fortunately, my colleagues were sufficient in numbers and suitably equipped to restrain me. Not many people have the foresight to carry duct-tape and a ball gags these days. One of the many lessons of Scouting, I guess.

Enjoy your trip. Don't do anything I wouldn't do (that give you a bunch of leeway).