Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Scheduling Justice

The Minister for Justice, Brian Lennihan, has said that gangland figures will be targeted through new policing priorities next year.

So get your gangland crimes in now, cause the cops are busy else where until the new year.


Keith said...

Declan, I don't think you have spotted the masterstroke the minister - in cooperation with his colleague, the minister for health - has pulled off here.

Yes, the gangland criminals (others need not apply) have until the new year to get as much killin' and thievin' in as they can BUT seeing as all of the agency nurses have been told to feck off 'til the new year also, if they have any reason to avail of the health service, they'll have to wait at least until then to get any service at all, thereby putting them out of commission until the Garda have their ass-kicking gangland shit together.

-Ann said...

Well sure, the rest of this year has to be devoted to cracking down on evil, irresponsible provisional drivers who drive alone. Even the ones who were completely legal to drive alone before Monday. (And the ones who have been waiting for a test for a year, and face waiting another year if nerves get the best of them.) They are much more dangerous than gangland figures.