Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Stans gone

So the end finally came for Steve Staunton early this morning at 1am. The FAI board met late last night and agreed to terminate Steve's contract as Ireland Manager with "mutual" consent. Of course just in case this whole thing didn't already reek of panic, indecision and back stabbing, they made the announcement at 1am. There is nothing quite like acting in the middle of the night, under cover of darkness to add credibility to your cause. Even if the decision had been made there was no reason they could not have told the press they were considering their options over night and they would make an announcement at lunch time today.

On PaddyPower this morning David O'Leary at 5-4 is the favourite to succeed Stan. Graeme Souness is 9-2 and Liam Brady 10-1. Betting on the next Irish manager is probably a good way to loose money, but Paul Jewell at 14-1 and Kevin Keegan at 28-1 seem like reasonable odds to me.

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ciaran said...

1am. Maybe they might have wanted to demonstrate (to the grassroots workers ) then the highly paid bosses at the top work day and night. They probably ate Cold Pizza also.

I think we can rule Liam Brady out. He's on a nice number at Arsenal, managing the youth setup, and with all the Media work, the ireland job, i think, would be low on his list. Don't think he rates the players too much either. Kevin Keegan is a possibility i hadn't thought about