Tuesday, October 02, 2007

GSM Blocker

I suppose it was bound to happen that someone would start selling a device that can fit in your pocket that will jam mobile phones in the vicinity. A company called Brando has started selling its Portable Palm Phone Jammer.

Initially it seems like a cool little device, a bit of fun, useful for places like the cinema or a restaurant. But then again from a safety perspective it seems like a criminals dream and should they become popular how many of us could actually live with a mobile phone service that can be jammed by the neighbours kids having a laugh for a few weeks. Course it's illegal, but people always find ways to get these things if they really want them.

[via Engadget]

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sliabh said...

These have been around for a while. And as you said they are VERY illegal. There was someone selling a variant of these to Irish hotels a year or two ago. The idea was to force people to use (expensive) hotel phones instead of their mobiles.

The seller (and at least one hotel akaik) were convicted for using them and given stiff fines.