Thursday, October 04, 2007

RTE News

I'm subscribed to the RTE news rss feed and guess what was posted today along side all the news stories. An advert for Ryan Tubridy's interview with Bill Clinton tomorrow morning. They were even kind enough to give the time of the show and a few extracts from the interview. Lets face it, Ryan Tubridy is not going to get a major news scoop from Bill Clinton with his probing and in-dept interview technique. We'll be lucky if he gets much past "Your great Bill, your an honorary Irish man", "Ha ha ha, that was a good one Bill. Now tell us, is life in the White House really like The West Wing?" and "Is there actually a button to launch the bombs and a hot line to the Russians?"

I hope RTE don't make a habit of turning their news into adverts for their TV programs. What would be next?
Welcome to the 9 O'Clock news. Todays headlines:
  • 100 killed in plane crash.
  • Marrian Finnucan discusses the best time to bake christmas cakes on Saturdays show.
  • Peace process stalls in Northern Ireland.
  • Gerry Ryan talks to Brian McFadden about the hard life in the music business at 11:20 on Tuesday morning.

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