Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Vista and MP3 players

Looks like several MP3 players from at least 4 different companies are having problems with Vista. First Apple told iPod users to hold off on upgrading to Vista until they update iTunes because the current iTunes on Vista could corrupt the iPod. Now Samsung, Cowon, and iRiver are telling users that some of their players are incompatible with Vista and they need to release firmware upgrades.

Thats crazy, first of all why didn't the companies test their MP3 players on the Beta release of Vista or even the Business release that came out a couple of months ago and have the upgrades ready to ship the same day Vista shipped? Secondly why didn't Microsoft test Vista against MP3 players, especially the iPod? Did the fact that they now sell the Zune mean they were not worried about other MP3 players and if so is that not anti-competitive?

If MP3 players have problems I wonder what other devices will have problems. I have a Fuji S9500 digital camera, a Sony Ericson K800i mobile phone, and a Toshiba gigabeat s30 mp3 player all of which I regularly connect to my computer. If I had the opportunity to upgrade my OS and any of those devices wouldn't work with Vista then I'd blame Vista not the devices and I'd just stay with XP.


Anonymous said...

What if you buy the computer and it already has Vista on it? Can you install XP without any problems?

maria said...

You cannot downgrade to XP without uninstalling Vista or making your system dual boot ( though I have not tested the second option). Also, if you are in the process of buying a new machine, try the ones coming with XP as most companies inclue a free Vista upgrade in case you decide to upgrade later. On the other hand if you are just annoyed by Vista and want to downgrade to xp BEHAVIOUR, you can disable your UAC in Vista. I have also found it solves quite a few incompatibility issues as well.

Sil said...

I just found my new RCA stereo wont play data mp3 disc created with vista, what a complete rip off. The windows logo is all over this stereo. Thanx RCA and MICKEYsoft