Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Photography Course and Soccer Match

I started a new photography course tonight. The first class was pretty much a rehash of previous courses covering aperture, shutter speed, depth of field, exposure e.t.c. all the basics. We finally finished tonights class with a brief introduction to Photoshop which I believe will be the focus of the next 3 weeks. I'm looking forward to those classes, I want a proper start in how to use Photoshop. Usually when I open Photoshop, I look at all the different options and decide, "to hell with this" and just close it down.

Of course it did mean that I missed tonights soccer match. That didn't bother me, after all the Republic of Ireland should have no trouble beating San Marino. The only question was how many goals would we score. Dear God, how wrong was I. It sounds like it was the worst ever performance by an Irish sporting team. 2-1 to Ireland with the winning goal scored in the 4th minute of extra time. I havent seen any highlights of the match but I dont understand how Ireland could have done so badly, it just doesnt seem possible. Did we actually have a full team on the field?

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-Ann said...

I didn't get to watch the match because I only get the RTEs and TG4 out here in the middle of nowhere. I did listen to bits on the radio and it seemed like San Marino was set up for defense and Ireland was set up balanced - they didn't front-load the field to counteract the extra defense.

So yes, a full team, but perhaps not deployed properly.