Friday, February 23, 2007

Ireland beat England in Rugby, hopefully

Oh no, it's happening again. After the French game I wrote that at the end of the game I couldn't shake the feeling that Ireland had actually won and I was confused as to what exactly happened in those last two dreadful minutes.

It was truly confusing and a little upsetting to see the French players celebrating and to have to listen to George Hook tell me over and over again that Ireland somehow lost the game. Even now, two weeks later I've only begun to come to terms with the loss.

Now it looks like whatever brain short-circuit I suffered as I watched Ronan O'Gara win the match is actually a contagious disease that has now spread to the Irish betting industry.

You see Paddy Power Bookmakers have paid out on Ireland beating England and Ireland winning the Triple Crown. Yes a whole 24 hours before actually playing the game they have paid out on an Ireland win. Of course it's too late to place a bet and claim your advance winnings now, they may be optimistic but they aren't stupid.

Should Ireland actually bother playing international games anymore or like Kim Il Jong playing golf should we just declare victory and leave it at that. It may be something we should seriously consider for the Irish soccer team at the very least.

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