Thursday, February 15, 2007

Dont forget to Vote

Here is another blatant pitch for votes. If you haven't already voted in the Irish Blog Awards please do so before Friday 16th 5pm. If you could throw a vote my way in the Best Personal Blog Category that would be great :-)

While your there and if you don't know who else to vote for in certain categories I would humbly suggest
  • Irish Election in Best Blog, Best Political Blog, Best Contribution to the Irish Bloggersphere Best News/Current Affairs Blog,
A full list can be found here.

Remember if you've voted already don't vote again because the powers that be are checking for that :-)
It’s ONE vote per person. If a person votes twice in the same category then both results are void. Please do not encourage people to vote multiple times.
By the way, 1100 people have voted so far. This is turning into a pretty successful event.

Update: As an incentive to vote (like they needed to incentivise people :-) ) the organisers of the awards have announced that all those who vote will be entered into a draw for a copy of Vista Home Premium. There’s 5 to give away. Just remember it's one vote per person.

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