Wednesday, February 07, 2007

No Snow

When my radio alarm clock woke me this morning the news was just coming to an end and the traffic report came on. Imagine my delight as the AA warned that snow had fallen and conditions were difficult for drivers. I walk to work so I don't care how bad things get for cars. I was looking forward to a walk through the snow and the chance of some nice photographs .

Unfortunately with my first peek out the window I realized there was no snow outside. Green grass with a little amount of frost, but not snow. When I finished my shower the radio was once again informing me of last nights snow fall. This time I took a proper look out the window, perhaps I'd been mistaken the first time. Nope, still no snow. I felt a little cheated, it's been years since I saw a decent fall of snow.

Now tonight the media is telling me there will be heavy snow falling tonight, possibly up to a whole 3cm. I don't know if I should believe them. Fingers crossed.

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