Monday, February 05, 2007

Drug testing TDs?

Should Dail Deputies be drug tested? Enda Kenny called for school kids to be drug tested and now Damien Mulley has started, or maybe he is just publicising, is pointing to an online petition to have Dail Deputies drug tested as well.

I actually think this is a good idea. After all these people ask us to put our faith in them to run the country, decide national and international policy and spend billions of tax payers money while half of them look hung over on a daily basis. Massive levels of psychedelic drugs abuse could be the only explanation several of the projects that we have paid for over the last few years.

If enough people sign it then it could make for an interesting and potentially embarrassing question to be addressed by politicians in the run up to the election.

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Damien said...

To quote Dylan, "It ain't me, babe". I just pointed to it.