Monday, February 26, 2007


Got sent this brilliant picture today. It appears that the organisers of the Republican Sinn Fein protest outside Croke Park on Saturday are either blind, cant read, don't know what they are protesting about anymore or just have a strange sense of humour. Perhaps it was someone who realised that no one really cared about England playing in Croke Park and they were taking the piss a little bit. I have to admit I did get a chuckle this morning when I read about the graffiti on a house wall spotted by a journalist from The Guardian, "No Crossley Tenders Beyond This Point."

For anyone who doesn't understand what the problem is with the above photograph I'll explain. Soccer is a "foreign game" in Ireland. Celtic FC is a Scottish soccer team. Pictured above is a muppet wearing a Celtic FC jersey and tracksuit while protesting against the playing of foreign games in Croke Park, home of the GAA.

Still they probably didn't have a great selection of protesters to choose from. All the usual Saturday protesters were marching in the Shell to Sea protest on O'Connell Street so poor Republican Sinn Fein probably had to settle for what ever edjits walked into the pub before the protest start time.

Though you have to say the lads gear is nicely washed and very white, I wonder if he uses Daz....


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Down with that sort of thing!