Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Nuclear power for England

Looks like Britain is going to build more nuclear power plants to solve their electricity supply problems. At least that's what Tony Blair sitting in London has decided.

I find this topic particularly annoying because of the way the British power plants have a nasty habit of being built along the coast of the Irish sea. I'm guessing workers in the new plants wont be commuting from London or any other major English city. The Welsh and Irish are going to have to put up with a few extra rads so England can find a quick and easy solution to their electricity shortage.

The Irish Government is "disappointed" but since we didn't get a say when it came to Sellafield/Windscale why should we get one now when they want to build new plants? I suppose we now know why they were willing to close Sellafield.

If only there was another solution to generating electricity on a windy island in the North Atlantic...?

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