Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Man sues Weather Forecasters

The litigious nature of the Irish has reached a new level with a hotel owner in Co. Donegal threatening to sue Met Eireann for an inaccurate forecast.

A furious tourism boss has threatened to sue Met Eireann for an inaccurate forecast which he claimed kept hundreds of visitors away from the northwest last weekend.

In what could be the first case of its kind, hotelier and chairman of North West Tourism, Sean McEniff has instructed his lawyers to look into the possibility of taking the national weather forecaster to court for alleged loss of revenue for Co. Donegal.

Last week Met Eireann forecast severe weather and possible blizzards for Co. Donegal. The weather was not as bad as expected but as Met Eireann has pointed out winds off the Donegal coast were gusting up to 125km per hour on Friday. Met Eireann were not the only ones to expect bad weather, and in fact we did get unusually bad weather.

So what's next, will people sue if their picnics are ruined by a summer shower that hits in the early afternoon instead of the late afternoon? Or if they buy a kite but the wind isn't strong enough to lift it? Or if their sun tan isn't up to scratch after the European forecast told them their holiday would be sunny?


Johnny K said...

I don't think it's the inaccuracy that was the problem, it was the hyped up media coverage. RTE news showed a county council depot in Donegal getting huge truck loads of salt for the roads, and interviewed someone in management who said all 12 of their snow ploughs were ready for action.

The sad thing is that this is just the begining of abnormal weather in Ireland. As global weather change accelerates our island will be a lot wetter and colder than it currently is.

As for suing the Met office, I think that is merely a publicity ploy.

Siel said...

Less related to the weather -- you're a winner! All that Starbucking paid off for ya -- Shoot City Hippy an email and let him know where to send the yummies --

Declan said...

Cool! Thank you, who would have guessed all that caffine would be good for me.

I'll contact City Hippy this evening.

Ambrand said...

Possible solution- Met Eireann should just include some smalltext reading "terms and conditions apply, see for for more information" at the end of the textual summary.