Thursday, November 17, 2005

BBC and Bloggers

Some people use their blogs to cover serious issues like the war in Iraq and they have become a new form of journalism. Blogging and its role alongside journalism was discussed tonight on BBC Newsnight. They were talking about the white phosphorous story and how bloggers dug up the online articles about its use in Iraq after the US government website had denied it.

It discussed the fact that the blogs are challenging the mainstream media. How they have gone from just discussing news to acting as a guardian for the news. While the journalists dig up the original stories they have to move on to their next story deadline but the bloggers are able to dedicate more time to stories.

Its interesting to see how mainstream and established media like the BBC view blogging. The BBC has really embraced the internet with podcasting, live streaming and downloads of programs. Tonights Newsnight episode can be downloaded for the next 24 hours at

Update: Unfortunately the Newsnight site says that last nights episode and Wednesdays are not available for download "because of copyright problems". Pity.

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Doctor Rick said...

The BBC is the most liberal media in the WORLD.