Friday, May 29, 2009

PlayNow Arena Movies: None for you Ireland!

Another update following on from the Sony Ericsson event on Tuesday. Sony have announced the details of PlayNow Arena Movies. Big, big FAILURE! After all the talk and praise for a cool sounding service it appears Sony have ignored the Irish market, same as in iTunes. The service will launch in June in Germany, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden and the UK but no mention of Ireland. Please Sony tell me this is wrong!

Simply put my opinion now is, their phones are cool, their ideas are great but since media and the downloadable content of Play Now is such a fundamental marketing point of their new phones do not buy the new phones when they go on sale in Ireland if Sony have not made the services available here. The same applies for other countries where the phones are available but the service is not. Wait until the complete service already available in other countries is launched in your country then buy the phone, it'll probably be cheaper by then anyway.

Sony own the phones, own the service and own the movies so the rights issues that have plagued Apple and iTunes in Ireland should be easy to sort out for Sony. Instead they are forcing Irish customers to find other ways of obtain digital content for their portable devices. If they see sales of their new phones markedly down in countries without the full PlayNow service they might give in and allow customers to legally download their content.

Sorry Sony Ericsson but no movies, no money.


Anonymous said...

You have your wish now!

Declan said...

Really? Cool I must look into that. :-)

Fozzy Bear said...

What are you on about. I have W995 and the playnow movies are downloadable and playable in Ireland no problem. How come you never amended your comments when the truth came out you freak? Do you not think that Sony Ericson deserve some good press for a job well done? Or do you simply like to knock the shit out of companies for the sake of it and never like to admit when you're found out? Does your blog spot only contain half truths and no truths about anything or do you reckon you might actually stand for something worthwhile in the future? I hate Fers like you who have tons of negative opinions about everything, but can never give any credit to anyone when it's due. You have a major inferiority complex boy and it's about time you grew up and saw yourself for who and what you are. Nobody is interested in listening to the petty whinings of a grumpy little boy so shut your hole you moany bastard!

Declan said...

Thanks for your comment Fozzy. After I went to a presentation from Sony where they boasted about the movies service I was told the movies would not initially be available in Ireland, I thought this was wrong and indeed it changed later. I should have commented on that, sorry.

However a rant of insults from you on an old post is hardly justified, but you are entitled to your opinion.