Saturday, May 16, 2009

Peoples Photography 2009

Peoples Photography in Dublin is on again this year. I was at a meeting on Friday night where the future of the exhibition was discussed and seems to have been secured with many people volunteering to help out. 

Peoples Photography will take place as always on the last weekend of August, Saturday 29th to Sunday 30th. It's a great event for photographers of all levels to display their work and a great free exhibition for Dubliners and tourists. Go up to the website to find out more, it still contains the 2008 information but should be updated soon.


Anonymous said...


What about 2009 Peoples Photography? I would really like to be there...Could you let me know about the rules this year and is it still possible to be there, please.Thank you

my e-mail:

Declan said...

The rules are the same as last year. I was at another meeting this evening and the responsibilities for 2009 have been allocated. We have lots of entries already and will probably be closing it off as soon as the new website goes online. BUT there are always extra spaces. We wont allocate the South side in advance since thats not a great side and there are always people who dont show up so their spaces will be handed out after 10am so you will get a space if you want one and show up early on the Saturday. I'll post more tomorrow and hopefully the new web site will be available as well tomorrow evening.